Why to Use English Orthography Corrector

According to the UAB News, it says that texting give negative effects to students when they abbreviate text. The English Department char of Clay-Chalkville High School said that she can see the negative effects. Many students become dependent on using the spell checker and it result to misspelled words, especially if they are using their cellphones.

Orthography is part of the language study dealing with spelling and letters. It is about writing words with the use of proper letters and according to the accepted usage. Orthography is the key to knowing how to spell words in English.

Why Use English Orthography Corrector

It is not bad to use orthography corrector English because it will help you to get rid of your mistakes. If you were always embarrassed because you commit errors in spelling, then this is the time to learn to avoid it from happening again. If you use the corrector, it will check your mistakes and give you suggestions and corrections on what errors you commit.

10 Common Orthographic Mistakes

  1. Absence: People spell it as absance or adsense.

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  2. Accidentally: It should not be spell as accidentaly.
  3. Acreage: You should not spell as acerage or acrage. Students spell the word by changing the place or “e” to “r”.
  4. Affect: Affect is different from effect.
  5. Buoyant or buoy: The “u” comes first before “o”.
  6. Bellwether: Do not add “a” to the word weather.
  7. Column: In this word, there is “n” after “m”.
  8. Committed: This word has two “m” and “t” and not single “m” or “t”.
  9. Concede: Do not spell the word as concede.
  10. Caribbean: Caribbean is spelled with two “b” and not two “r”.

Tips on how to use Spelling Checker

English orthography corrector is useful and helpful to students and professionals. Sometimes if you write, there are words that you misspelled and it seems to be frustrating. You should be happy because orthography checker is available online.

  • Download the full application: If you like to use Ginger checker in checking your paper, you can use it online or download the full application. With this kind of software, you can experience the full features if you download it. Depending on the checker that you will choose, you can use it online or by downloading it.
  • Type, copy, paste, and upload: These are three choices that you can choose from if you want to use orthographic corrector English. If you want the easiest way in checking your text, then copying and pasting is what you need to choose. If you have much time to type, then you can type your text in the box.
  • Follow the instructions: If you follow the instructions, you will know what you will do in correcting your mistakes. The fact is that you are just given one sentence instruction and that is to copy and paste your text in the box. After it, the corrector will start to check your errors. You do not need to wait for a long time since some of the correctors give instant result.

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There you have the common mistakes you need to know in order to avoid spelling mistakes again. You are also given some tips on how you can use the English corrector online to avoid difficulty. If you know what to do, start using orthographic English corrector now!

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