Best British English Spell Checker

One of the articles in the Writing Forward site says that there is only one way to become a good writer and that it through many practice. There are people who are born with talent, but they also make mistakes. It mentioned that nobody was born knowing how to write.

Most English spell check online tools are built-in British English checker, but it does not always distinguish between British and American spelling. Many people adhere to British way and UK spell check is useful in you are not familiar with American spelling. The checker is useful and helpful in checking mistakes, especially when it comes to spelling.

10 Examples of Word Spelling to Know in British English

Using spelling checker English will allow you to know what you must spell because you no longer need to think what the spelling of that certain word is. There are many guidelines online that you can found out on how you should spell a word.

  1. Armour
  2. Candour
  3. Honour
  4. Flavour
  5. Colour
  6. Valour
  7. Rumour
  8. Odour
  9. Rancour
  10. Savoury

Tips on How to Use Spelling Checker

  • Type or copy and paste: This is one of the choices you can choose if you decided to use English spell checker online. It is easy to do because all you need to do is to type your whole text in the box or copy your text in your MS word and paste it in the designated box for the checker to start checking your paper. If you know what spell checker to use, visit the site and start using the tool. You will know that it is not difficult to use it. Just follow the given introductions and you are on your way to start checking your text.

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  • Click: For the checker to start checking your text, you need to click the Spell Check button. After you do it, the tool will start to fix any spelling errors you have. In just a few seconds, you get the result. You are given with suggestions whether to change the word or not.
  • Re-run the checker: If you are not contented with the result you get, you can run the checker again. Doing it gives you the chance to check for mistakes that have not been caught. You are lucky because you can use the checker for many times, as long as it does not have any usage limit.
  • Copy: After the checker check your text, you can copy the result given. To make sure that it does not have errors anymore, you can re-read the text.
  • Upload: Some tools allow you to upload your file without copying and pasting. If you do not want to copy and paste, you can choose to upload. What you need to do is to choose the file you have saved in your PC and run the checker.
  • Download: If you want to have access on the checker anytime you want, you can download it. Some checkers need to be downloaded and it is what you need to do to start using that checker.

There is nothing wrong in using English spelling checker because it helps you to correct your mistakes. You have many choices online and it is better to choose the best. For more advanced features, avail the pro version, but if you do not have money, you can still check punctuation free.

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