Subject, Verb and Something Else: How to Make a Deep Sentence Check?

The most harmful mistake a one can do is not a grammar mistake, typo or spelling error, the most fatal for you can be underestimation of the role and significance of correct grammar in the everyday life. Some of us are obviously not bothered with missing commas or twisted sentence structures, if writers didn’t care about them too we’d be already in kind of a hell world where all books would be written in hardly understandable language. Luckily, the most of us know how to select decent tool to check spelling easily. We love reading good books, don’t we?

There is no arguing when it comes to the significance of the good grammar for work and studying. Meticulous grammar can contribute to the better career climbing opportunities:

sentence check factsProfessionals with fewer grammar errors in their profiles achieved higher positions.Those who failed to progress to a director-level position within the first 10 years of their careers made 2.5 times as many grammar mistakes as their director-level colleagues.

sentence check onlineFewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions. Professionals with one to four promotions over their 10-year careers made 45% more grammar errors than those with six to nine promotions in the same time frame.

In order to write good the one should first read a lot – that is the first rule to follow if you need to master the grammar and spelling rules. But can every one of us actually boast about having a lot of time for learning grammar from books? probably no. A lot of punctuation will be defined by the particular sentence structure, thus that’s the first thing you need to learn about for successful sentence check:

4 Types of Sentences Known in English:

  • Declarative sentences
  • Imperative sentences
  • Interrogative sentences
  • Exclamatory sentences

For each of the sentence you can only use 3 punctuation marks to end them: period, a question mark or an exclamation point. Various types of sentence structures have been invented to express different emotions and to suit the variety of writing genres. A declarative sentence holds the aim of declaring a particular statement or opinion and is always finished with a period.

Example of using declarative sentence:

  • “When I grow up I want to be doctor” (the statement is made)
  • “My friend bakes really good cakes” (opinion is expressed)

An imperative sentence commands that something should be done or demands an action to be taken, such sentences are usually finished with a period mark or exclamation point.

Example of using imperative sentence:

  • “Please follow us.”
  • “I need you to open the window!”

An interrogative sentence has the purpose of asking about something, it can begin with how who, what, when, or do, where, why and end with a question mark.

Example of using interrogative sentence:

  • “What color do you prefer most?”
  • “When are you going to arrive from Barcelona?”

An exclamatory sentence is used for expressing emotions through them such as: anger, surprise, excitement and etc. and are finished with an exclamation mark.

Example of using exclamatory sentence:

  • “Are you crazy, that’s not supposed to be eaten!”
  • “I flunked all my exams!”

Using different types of sentences students can improve their writing abilities and become more creative in expressing their points. There are common sentence conjunctions that help to join the sentence parts smoothly so that they could sound naturally.

sentence check


Sentence Structure Check: 4 Types and Their Peculiarities

By the structure all sentences are divided into groups:

  • Simple sentences
  • Compound sentences
  • Complex sentences
  • Compound-complex sentences

Simple Sentences

Simple sentences involve single one independent clause, the group of words having the subject and verb, expressing the idea are called an independent clause. Here is the diagram representing this sentence structure. Here the bucket comes like an independent clause and notice that sentence has subject and verb, enough for expressing the subject matter.


Compound sentences

Compound sentences are made of at least two independent clauses, you stick together the clauses with using semicolons or coordinating conjunctions.

The following diagram represents how this type of sentence is built.

When two independent clauses are joined by the single comma it is called the comma splice.


Complex sentences

Complex sentences consist of subordinate and independent clauses. The subordinate clause has both the verb and the subject but still can’t express the full sentence meaning fully, that’s why it is complemented with an independent clause for delivering the meaning. Sometimes people get confused because they can’t tell apart the compound sentences from complex ones but they are not structurally equal.


Compound-complex sentences

Like you might have guessed from the heading compound-complex sentences are mixture of complex and compound sentences in a one. The sentences with such structure can contain at least one subordinate clause and at least two independent ones.


How to Spot Your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Mistakes

Use a checklist

check sentences onlineMake the list of the most common mistakes you make every day, this could be a very helpful trick for you whilst checking your document. Pay the closest attention to noun agreements and irregular verbs.

Use software

check sentences tipsBefore your start reading and polishing your text make sure you run it through spell checkers and helpful tools, nowadays they’re widely reachable, free and fairly easy to use, among the top ones are Grammarly and Ginger. You can use several ones as they all have different working algorithms so the more you use the more flaws will be found. For the most profound search, it is a good practice to ask a professional spelling checker specialist who will get your paper to the perfection point.

Attend to format

sentence structure checkThe best thing you can do for your paper is to adjust it to the common specifications established for your document type, such specifications usually include: column alignmentі, relative fonts, sizes, and other must-have features.

As more and more communication gradually turns into the written form grammar and spelling grows more important with each day. Probably the most important part is to get the proper amount of time for proofreading, it’s fairly easy to avoid shame by just proofreading your text before hitting the “send” button. You can first check your text using online tools and then get your friend to give you the fresh impressions on that. Only after professional proofreading you can take pride in your spelling and grammar skills.

Make your life easier with advanced methods of sentence check today!