How to Spell Words in English Correctly

Grammar rules are important just like the rules in the game. There is no easy way to learn it, but if you know the rules, you can avoid making mistakes. The truth is that even speakers may also find the English language confusing. No wonder, there are many English words that are borrowed from other languages, so people tend to make weird spelling. Because of many different cultures as well as languages, learning English spelling seems to be hard.

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How to Spell Words in English: Guidelines

According to ESL.Fis.Edu blog, grammar is about word of rules that people must know. Everyone finds difficulty on how to spell in English. Even though there are people who knows to spell a certain word, they tend to forget about them in some cases. In order to spell the word in English correctly, here are some help.

  • Use a spell checker: Computing technology is evolving and students can now spell correctly with the use of online checkers. Spell correctors are capable of correcting misspelled words.
  • Read books: In order to spell the word correctly, you need to read lots of books. You need to invest time on when you should read English books so that you will know what the correct spelling of words that you do not know are.

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  • Use dictionary: It is suggested to use Merriam Webster in checking spelling. Even though you will not check your spelling, but you just want to know the spelling of difficult words to spell in English, you can use the dictionary to search for the word you are looking for. In addition, there are many digital dictionaries that you can rely on and many of them are available online. Just be sure that you have an internet connection.
  • Use mnemonics: Some of the mnemonics are hard to remember, but it is a good way to spell words in English. If you have it, it will help you to remember all the things you need. It is better if you make it as your habit so that learning will not be a hard thing for you.
  • Remember plurals and homonyms: Making plurals in English is simple because you just need an “s” to the end of the word, but sometimes it is not the case. If you know the plurals, then you need to know homonyms so that you will not misspell.
  • Sound it out: If you rely with the sound of words, you have a hint on what the spelling of it, but remember that there are words that sounds different from the way you spell it.

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Tips on How to Use Spell Checker

  • Installed: If you do not want to visit the checker that you are using, try to install it. There are correctors that when installed, their advanced features can be used. Follow the guidelines on how to install the tool.
  • Copy and paste: This is a common method on how to use the spell checker. Most students are just copying and pasting their content in the checker. It is easy to do and does not require any skills. After you enter your text, the next thing to do is to run the checker and wait for the result.

It is difficult how to learn English spelling, but if you have guidelines, you will not make mistakes. Start spelling words correctly today with the help of spelling checkers.

Learn from this guide on how to spell words in English today!