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One of the blogs in Times Daily wherein a report mention that cell phone is part of student life, but it affects their formal writing skills. The growing concerns of electronic communication affect the writing ability of some students. English grammar checker online is a good way in checking mistakes. The truth is that many people are using English orthography corrector because they know that they get the help they need. If you need to spell the word English correctly, grammar checker English is what you should use.

5 Ways to Avoid English Grammar Mistakes

  1. Observe the way you speak and write: Writing improperly is not accepted as well as speaking improperly; In order to avoid grammar mistakes; you need to know what the rules in grammar writing are. Be sure to read your structure and sentences.
  2. Learn the differences of words: In checking English grammar, you need to learn the differences of words. You need to figure out the different of “I” and “Me”. You should remember what or who the subject is.
  3. Fun with plurals: If a word ends with “y”, then you need to dropit and add “ies” in order to make it plural. If the word ends in a vowel, what you only need to do is to add “s”. If the last 2 letters of the word are consonants, you need to add “es”.
  4. Subject agreement: If you always re-read your sentences, then this is not a problem. Always remember that the subject of sentence should match the pronoun.
  5. Capitalization: This is the simplest and common mistake that people commits. Proper nouns like days of week, holidays, places as well as names must be capitalized.

How to use Spelling Checker

English grammar correction online is a good tool to use because it helps people to check for their grammar and spelling. Keep in mind that spelling and grammar is essential for the readers to understand and get the meaning you want to share. If you decided to use online checker, here is what you should know.

english grammar checker online

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  • Write online: If you already chose the checker you want to use, you can write online. This means that you can type your text within the character word limit. You are lucky because there are tools that you can use without limit on character counts. With it, you can type as long as you want and check it later.
  • Run the checker: In running the checker, you need to click the spell check or run button. The tool will only starts checking your text if you run it. You will be glad because the result is instant. If you have many papers needed to be check, you can use the tool as much as you want.
  • Adjust settings: There are checkers that allow adjusting their settings depending on your writing style. This means that you can check academic, business, creative, casual or technical writing. Using the checker allow you to adjust strictness of the tool that will match to your needs.

Find out why the correctly spelled word is so essential!

Learning English language is not difficult as long as you know what the spelling of the words and you know the grammar rules. If you get help with the checkers online, you get what you want.

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