4 Ways to Check Spelling in English

According to the US News blog, student ages 12 up to 17 use electronic communication whether through text messaging, social media and instant messaging. Because of it, students become unaware that they are using language shortcuts inside the classroom affecting their performance. Many people are having problems in English language spelling. In fact, English spelling is frustrating for some. It is better to learn how to spell correctly because poor spelling affect the meaning of your paper at the same time embarrassing you.

4 Ways to Check Spelling in English

It is important to know how to check spelling in English because you cannot always rely to the help of others.

Here are some ways on how you can check if your spelling is correct or not:

  1. Use a dictionary: The traditional way whether your spelling is correct is through using English dictionary. You can look words in the dictionary so that you know the correct spelling. You can also find alternative words that you can use. For some people, doing this is fun at the same time interesting. The words in the dictionary are alphabetically listed. If you found the 1st letter of the word you are searching for, you can begin to look for words starting with first until the last letter.

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  2. Using spell checker using your computer: It is hard to know all the correct spelling in English and if you are not much familiar with it, you can use the spell checker in your computer. You can use the built-in check function that checks your spelling as you type and it will instantly mark your spelling errors. Always remember that all word processors have spell checking function or facilities. You can also always look for a good English grammar checker online.
  3. Ask the help of others: If you are not much good at spelling, there is remedy you can try. You can ask your relative, colleague, partner or friend to read your paper and check your spelling. On the other hand, make sure that that the person have credential in correcting your paper.
  4. Activity: You can do some activities online and check whether you spell the word correctly or not. It is great to practice at the same time reading.

Tips on How to Use Spelling Checker

  • Register: Some of the checkers online require you to register before you can access its full functionality. With that, it is important to fill out the form required so that you can start to use the spelling checker.
  • Use the dictionary spell check: You can use the dictionary spell check available. It is a good way to check your spelling mistake.
  • Copy and paste: You just copy and paste your text in the spell checker and the system will be the one to fix your mistakes. Aside from English language, some tools offer more than 20 languages and free thesaurus.
  • Paid tools: If you do not want to use online punctuation checker, there are tools that can be downloaded. You can purchase a checker for nominal fee.

It is important to know about spelling words in English for the readers to know what you want to tell. Misspelled words affect the meaning and quality of your paper. To avoid this, you can start to use English spell checker the time you know what tool to use.

Check spelling in English today!