Why Spelling of Names in English Is Important

One of the blogs in the Pew Research Center mentioned that electronic communication like text messaging affect the writing quality of students. Their writing quality has been degraded because of lax punctuation, acronym shortcuts and carefree spelling. Spelling of names in English is important and there are some names that are commonly misspelled. Incorrect spelling is not good to read. There are people who will get disappointed if they found out that their names were misspelled.

English Spelling Names: Commonly Misspelled Names

Here are some of the names that are commonly misspelled. It is not much familiar that is why people tend to make errors in spelling it. When it comes to names, they are unique, especially in today’s era.

There are many names that are very different from the rest, hence are hard to spell. To know some, check this list out!

  1. Andre Agassi
    spelling of names in english

    image credit: someecards.com

  2. Antony Tudor
  3. Daunte Culpepper
  4. Courtney Cox
  5. Andreea Raducan
  6. Hilary Clinton
  7. Herschel Walker
  8. Brett Favre
  9. Isiah Thomas
  10. Juli Inkster
  11. Irmgard Bartenieff
  12. Leonad Lavrovsky
  13. Kurt Jooss
  14. Derek Hamlisch
  15. Rudolf Khorkina

Tips on How to Use Spelling Checker

Aside from knowing spelling names in English, you also need to know how to use correct punctuation checker. On the other hand, names are hard to check by using spell checker because there are names that are spelled differently. Regardless, if you still want to use spell checker, here is what you should know.

  • Know the character or word count limit: Not all checkers online allow long sentences or paragraphs. Mostly, checker have character or worn count limit. You need to know the limit before you start using the tool. All characters, which include punctuation, white space, numbers and others, are counted. The word counter of the corrector counts group of letters or words separated by white space. Depending on the tool you choose, be sure that you know the limit.
  • Check the guidelines: If it is your first time to use online checker, you need to know the guidelines. Some checkers are strict in correcting text that is why you should know the guidelines. It will give you a hint on what you must do. It gives you idea on how you can use the checker.
  • Upload: This is only one of the choices in checking your spelling with the use of spell checker. If you have a larger file and it is accepted by the tool, you can upload it. Just search the file you want to be check and click it.
  • Run the tool: Running the corrector is so easy. You do not need to have excellent computer skills to know how to use it. To run the tool, you click the start button. In just a few seconds, the result will be given to you.

Check spelling in English is necessary for others because they are not much good in spelling. The checker helps them to improve their writing and command of English. English spell chec ker is helpful for students, teachers writers and others because it saves their time in checking. If you want to check your spelling, start using corrector today!

Learn more about spelling of names in English today!