English Spelling Words for High School

On the site of University of Leicester blog, it says that mistakes in spelling can be avoided by proofreading. Students must not to always rely on word processor spell check function, but doing proofreading manually is important.

High schools are having a hard time in spelling English, especially if it is not their native language. English spelling words are easy to memorize and spell as long as you know the meaning of each word. Commonly, high school are the ones who commit more mistakes in spelling English words.

25 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know: Spelling English Words

There are important words that high schools should know. To learn the words, using dictionary, thesaurus or online Webster is suggested. Many English words have same pronunciation, but have different meaning.

To impress your professor, here are words that you need to know:

  1. Abjure
  2. Abrogate
  3. Abstemious
  4. Auspicious
  5. Belie
  6. Bowdlerize
  7. Bellicose
  8. Chromosome
  9. Chicanery
  10. Circumlocution
  11. Deciduous
  12. Diffident
  13. Deleterious
  14. Enfranchise
  15. Enervate
  16. Equinox
  17. Epiphany
  18. Expurgate
  19. Evanescent
  20. Fatuous
  21. Facetious
  22. Fiduciary
  23. Feckless
  24. Gauche
  25. Homogeneous

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Tips on How on to Use Spelling Checker

Tips on how to use the spell checker is important and if this is your first time to use the checker, you need to be aware on some of the guidelines in using the corrector.

  • Accurate: It is easy to use the spelling checker online because all you need is to paste your text. The good thing is that there are checkers online that are accurate in checking misspelled words. Online spelling tools have high accuracy as well as speed.

    english spelling words

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  • Run again the checker: If you need several corrections, you are prompted to run again your text. It is not enough to run the checker once. You can use the tool two or three times. In some cases, errors are skipped that is why it is suggested to re-run the corrector again.
  • Consult conjugator and module: If you want to improve your spelling in English, it is better to consult the conjugator and module of the checker. There are checkers with this kind of features and if you check it, you have a higher chance of getting the perfect spelling.
  • Interactive online spelling checker: Using interactive spelling checker online is a nice choice. The concept of it makes the checker easy to use. The concept of interactive and automatic corrector makes the checking much easier.
  • Copy and paste the text: Copying and pasting is a basic computer skill that anyone knows. You can use it in running the spell checker on the internet. There is a box on the site that will be provided to you and it is where you need to paste your text. After you are done in pasting your text, you can run the system anytime you want. The tool automatically check your mistakes which means you do not have to wait for long hours.

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Knowing spelling of English words is important to give the proper meaning of the sentences or paragraphs. High schools should know the spelling of words and online checker will help them. The corrector will give the correct spelling.

If you think you are not really good in spelling, try English spelling words checker today!