Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation Check

spelling grammar punctuation check onlinePossessing good English writing skills is one asset you can have no matter what industry you belong to in the future. Good grammar, spelling and punctuation skills are a necessity in business, work and school. Now to help you in checking your paper for correct English, see the following tips and learn how to use a tool that can help you check spelling mistakes.
spelling grammar punctuation check

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Tips for Checking Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

  1. Decide on which style to use, US or UK, as each may have varying rules and standards, in spelling for instance.
  2. Start from proofreading.

Next You Should Do the Following:

1. Check for grammar: Subject-verb agreement

2. Check for spelling, including apostrophes, the use of ‘its and it’s’ and the use of contractions, such as they’re, you’re, etc. Also, check for commonly misused words, such as ‘affect and effect,’ ‘they’re, there or their,’ and ‘then and than.’

  • Sequence of tenses
  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Capitalization
  • Faulty parallelism
  • Correct pronoun case

3. Check punctuation

  • Commas after introductory elements
  • Commas in compound sentences
  • Nonrestrictive elements commas
  • Superflous commas
  • Quotation
  • Remember: colons before a list; semicolons for sentences with clauses

Why Check Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar

spelling grammar punctuation check fastBefore submitting an essay to your professor or a marketing material to your superior, it will be wise to perform spelling grammar check for the flaws in your paper. If you know how to correct your English writing, you will be able to detect the mistakes, including those mentioned above. Impress your professor or superior with good grammar in your writing. For help, you can rely on our tool that you can use not only in correcting your papers but also in practicing you in the proper usage of words and punctuation. It can give you suggestions on how to improve your text as well as let you discover the mistakes in spelling you have committed. All you need to do is to copy and paste your text or type into the box before clicking on the “Check your text” button to start with the checking.

Do you want to perfect English writing, including grammar, punctuation and spelling? Use SpellingGrammarCheck.net to get your text fully checked without a hassle!