Speaking Proper English

Speaking proper English is not easy because there are words that are hard to say because of its spelling. There are words that are hard to spell because of the pronunciation like reservoir. If you want to speak proper English and learn the correct spelling, start it now!

Tips On How To Learn English Spelling

  • Look for new vocabulary: You don’t need to study words that you know instead look for words that are used by some and memorize it. If you are having a hard time to memorize it, list it on your notebook and go back.
  • Don’t rely much to spell checkers: There are good helps of spell checkers but it is better when you don’t rely much to the tool. If you always rely with the checkers, then you will never rely on your brain. What you need to do is to pay attention on how the word should be correctly spelled.
  • Always read: There is no better way in learning English speaking rules than reading. If you always read, you will learn lots of words.
  • Doodling: many people use their pen or pencil in doodling and this is a good thing. If you doodle constructively. List of words that are hard to spell and you surely learn about the right words.
  • Jot down: When you jot down, it helps you to learn unfamiliar words. If you are reading magazines, newspapers or books; then list unfamiliar words in order to increase your vocabulary.

There are still many ways in learning proper English. You can be able to increase your knowledge on unfamiliar words. Learning English comes with the right spelling and proper pronunciation so if you really want to learn on your own, start it now because there are lots of words that you need to memorize and learn.

There are some people that speak with confidence but have a hard time when it comes to spelling so if you want to learn on proper speaking and writing, give yourself enough time. Learning what you need is difficult but when you are interested, you will find it as happy learning.