Top 10 Spelling Tips

In order to know about right spelling, using spell checkers is good options but sometimes it is better when you learn from yourself and don’t get from other people. Because of that, here are spelling tips for you.

Top Spelling Tips

  • Make a list of words: If there are words that you know but you are frequently making mistakes about it, then it is better to make a list. If you practice those words every time, you no longer commit the same mistakes.
  • Keep a word file in your computer: If you decided to use spell checker paper, then copy and paste the words in your computer. Each time you need those words, you can check out the file and see the right spelling so that you will not make any errors.
  • Spell it out loud: Every time you learn or practice words, it is better when you spell it aloud. You will be surprised how those words are spelled and when you write it, you no longer make the mistakes next time.
  • Review rules for suffixes and prefixes: You will avoid errors if you understand the difference between intra or inter.
  • Learn about root words: You need to learn about words with Latin and Greek origins. In fact, this is one of the tricks being used by spelling bee participants.
  • Memorize about clumps of words: If you learn and memorize about clumps of words that belong to special groups, you will not have a hard time. Some lists of special groups include “mn” words like column, “aire” words like millionaire, “ps” words like pseudonym and “ible” words like audible.
  • Read: There are lots of words that will be familiar to you when you read a lot. If you see the words often, you will memorize it.
  • Read using pencil: If you are reading a book, you can use pencil to light the words that you like to practice and memorize. Just go back to the words and don’t forget about it.
  • Practice with spelling quizzes online: With online quizzes, you can be able to find commonly confused or frequently misspelled words.
  • Remember it all the time: if you are struggling in remembering words like edible, imagine the spelling all the time.

With spelling prompts, it helps you to learn. Consider the above mentioned tips to learn proper spelling. Of course, do not forget to practice from time to time. Start to learn today!