Tips on How to Learn English Spelling

Some people speak with confidence but when it comes to writing, they fail sometimes because of wrong spelling. The truth is, there are people that are good in speaking but not good at writing. They know what they are talking about but there are words that they don’t what is the right spelling.

Tips On How To learn English Spelling

Write new vocabulary: You don’t need to learn the words that you know instead focus on the words that are hard to spell and list them. Be sure that you also know the meaning and not only the spelling test online. Every time you will encounter the word, you no longer have a hard time to spell it.

Stop relying with spell checking programs: Yes, spell checking tools are good help but when you always rely with it, you never learn and memorize the right spelling of word. If you decided to use a spell checker, just don’t change it but pay attention how the words are corrected,

  • Read a lot: The more you read a book, the more words you can learn. You don’t need to read the entire library, what you need is to concentrate reading book and remember the new words that you don’t know.
  • Jot down: In some cases, people are lazy to take notes or jot down but when you do it with unfamiliar words, you will know about it and remember it. It helps you in increasing your vocabulary.
  • Keep spelling journal: You can learn English spelling by writing down words. Each time you come across with new words, don’t afraid to write it.
  • Use spelling software program: There are spelling software programs out there that are fantastic for kids and adults.

If you want to learn spelling English, you should do your best. If you are lazy, you can’t be educated and increase your skills. If you have the interest and concentrate on what you are doing, you will know all the spelling of words without struggling. If you are not good at English spelling, this is the right time to learn.  Learn English spelling today!