Tips on How To Improve Your Spelling Online

How To Improve Your Spelling OnlineEnglish spelling is a nightmare but according to experts , there are things and ways on how you can improve your English. If you want to enhance your skills, then here are tips that can help you on how to improve your spelling.

Tips to Improve Spelling Online

Your spelling skills are used throughout your life and if you want to help yourself to learn more, you need to know some techniques that you need to use. With the techniques, it helps you to improve your spelling online.

  • Read a lot: There is no better way and great substitute way than reading a lot. When you are reading, you will know how many words and what their correct spelling is. Bear in mind that spelling is not just about how it sounds but also how it looks.
  • Make a list of common misspelled words: If you find yourself find it hard to memorize some words or having a hard time in memorizing the right word, you need to make a list. If you have your own list, you can avoid the mistakes just remember the right word.
  • Use mnemonics: Mnemonics are devices or memory tricks such as I before e except for c. It is hard to memorize but you can do it as long as you are interested to learn.
  • Dictionaries can help: It is not bad to rely with dictionaries if it’s for your own good. You can use the dictionary to know the right spelling of word.
  • Playing word games: There are word games in helping you to improve your skills.  By playing, you can jot down words that are new to you or hard to remember so that next time you encounter it, you will not have a hard time.

The best thing in order to improve your skills in spelling and avoid commom spelling mistakes is to read a lot and don’t be scared in getting a help from other people.  To learn the right spelling or word, it needs time but it is all worth it when you know the difference of one word to another that have same pronunciation.

Image credit: wikihow.com