The Most Common Spelling Exercises

What spelling exercises are out there to help you solve your English spelling miseries? Possessing good English skills is needed for any career you may want to take in the future. If you want to make sure that you’re doing things right, you should learn some spelling exercises that help develop your skills. Here are some of them:

What Are the Spelling Exercises to Know?

A general tip to improve your spelling is to try out some ideas that would work. Experts say that to learn spelling, you may want to use all your senses. You may want to look closely to some words and remember how they look like.  In addition, you may want to think of the sound of the word to give you an idea on how to spell it right.  More so, you can also type or write it, as one of the best spelling exercises to practice.

You should know that words are grouped according to their sound. By saying this, you may want to list some words to help you learn how to spell them correctly. For spell exercises, you can also use your keyboard to practice, allowing you to train with your fingers that will lead you to the correct spelling of those words.

When learning how to spell, you may want to write some words that come with the same letter pattern, allowing your hands to figure out their spelling automatically. In addition, do not fail to practice as often as you can. You can remember how exactly the words look if you do.

Create a Spelling Log for Spell Exercises

When learning the correct spelling of the words, you should have your own personal dictionary that will help you find out the spelling of those commonly misspelled words yourself.

Use a Dictionary When Doing Spell Exercises

It can help you learn difficult spelling word correctly, but you may want to use it with a friend. Have him check your target words to spell to learn faster. You may also want to use a spelling dictionary, a list of words that come with no meaning.

There you have some ways on how to practice yourself when learning how to spell correctly. Definitely, this is not exhaustive, but it’s a great way to get started in learning how to spell properly. Use spell exercises today!