Professional Online Spelling Check Service

How to Check Your Spelling in One Minute

Even the most experienced editors sometimes get tired or come across a rare word and hesitate about its proper writing. The vast majority of the most commonly used words is easy to both write and spell. However, when you need to write an essay or answer some classroom questions in a written form, you sometimes encounter a simple word and, surprisingly, you start to hesitate! We get used to our devices that correct our mistakes automatically or highlight every typo and therefore fail to produce an error-free text ourselves, don’t we? If you think your spelling is faultless? We dare you to test in by going through 10 quick questions and answers right now!

Spelling Quiz: Test Yourself in 10 Questions!

If you use a good online spelling check you will know that the performance is just so much better than that of your word processor. Most word processors are not capable of finding some of the simple problems that we create each and every time we write, No matter how good a writer you are or how skilled a typist you may be (how many of us were ever trained to use a keyboard?) you will always make some mistakes with your writing. I find that if I type I will often change track without realizing if I am typing my thoughts directly onto the page, this often results in me changing the tense of what I am writing, changing the person, or just missing whole sections of the sentences that I am writing along with all of the usual spelling mistakes and poorly keyed words that I produce.

Missing My Errors

I once thought that these mistakes were all being caught by the computer; everything (not literally everything I do spell some words correctly) being underlined in red and green for me to make corrections. But after a while I realized that many of my problems were not being caught at all and I was submitting some of my work with huge glaring errors.

So I started to proof read my work and started to realize how much was not being picked up by my computer; the trouble was that my proof reading was not that good either. I knew what I wanted to say in my work so I tended to read what I intended to write not what was actually on the page, and I certainly could not afford to hire a professional proof reader to check my work.

This got me looking around for a free spelling check online (I did not want to pay and I needed something that I could use anywhere as I write in several locations on different machines.)

Using an Online Spelling Check

Our experts provide an online spelling check that is both free and very accurate. This spelling check I have found will be able to recognize many of the business and technical words that my word processor does not know. It also manages to point out all of the words that are not just spelled correctly but used out of context. This includes words such as there and their and words where I have missed a letter (them and the) or typed the letters in the wrong order or hit the wrong letter (Them and then, From and Form.)

It was surprising how many different problems that the online spelling check found that were missed by both my computer and by my proof reading. Because of this I now routinely use this service for all of my writing.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to check spelling mistakes manually. We are always ready to help!