Professional Online Spell Check Service

First impressions count, so imagine if your resume or your technical report is rife with spelling mistakes or simple grammatical errors. What does this tell the reader about you and how will you compare with someone that has taken more time and care to ensure that they don’t have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? Sometimes our writing really is the only way to make an impression and if we don’t pay attention to the details we can make a very poor impression indeed.

Word processor Spell checks

Many of us use word and other word processing packages and are used to seeing a few words underlined in red or green to indicate our spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But often with these packages they overlook where you have actually typed an incorrect word but spelled it correctly, especially when you are typing rapidly, I am always typing “form” instead of “from” but the spell and grammar check on my word processor does not pick this up as the word is correctly spelled although incorrect for the context of the sentence. I also find that certain words are just not within the dictionary at all, so when it shows an incorrect spelling it tells me that the spell check has no suggestions; and half the time I may have spelled the word correctly anyway.

With the grammar some issues it corrects easily and obviously; but more often than not it just tells me that the whole sentence is grammatically incorrect and I then have to start guessing at what needs to be changed to remove the green underlining.

Using an online spell check and grammar check

There are however online spell check facilities that you can use to check your document for spelling and grammar issues. These online spell check facilities will spot and help you correct far more than will ever be identified by your standard word processing packages. They are able to identify words used out of context, and also words that are used in areas such as business and academia that are not within the standard word processor dictionary.

An online spell check and grammar check is also far superior for checking grammar, it will not only highlight the incorrect use of grammar but will tell you exactly why it is wrong and how to correct it thus teaching you and helping you prevent the same problems the next time you write.

Our online spell check is far superior to the facilities within your standard word processing package and will ensure that you meet the rigorous grammatical requirements of academic and technical writing. So if you need to impress use our service!