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The importance of spelling and grammar

Delivering a report to your boss full of spelling mistakes, or submitting your thesis full of grammatical errors is not going to be helping your future career prospects. You have to be able to demonstrate that you can pay attention to the details of every aspect of what you do, if you have failed to pay attention in how you have written your report have you paid attention in how you collected the data and analyzed it? Spelling and grammatical errors distract the reader from what you want them to read and instead have them analyzing your text for how you have written it.

Finding your spelling and grammatical errors

If like me you type at a fair speed you probably find yourself frequently making simple spelling mistakes and minor grammatical errors. On the whole these are picked up by my word processing package, underlined in red and green for me to be able to correct. But this tends to lull me into a false sense of security and if I don’t see any colored underlines I think that my work is error free. How wrong I am on most occasions; many times I have returned to an old report and found that I have managed to have words typed out of order, used the wrong words such as their instead of there and other simply made errors.

I also find with the subject matter of much of my writing that many of the words that I use are not within the standard dictionaries that come with my word processing package, so it will highlight correctly spelt words as being spelt incorrectly or miss them completely.

Grammar is where I really fall down, especially within the technical writing that I occasionally have to produce; the word processors package is just not up to the job of identifying the errors.

Free online spell check and grammar checker

Thankfully for me there is a free online spell check site that allows me to correct my mistakes with spelling and grammar. An online free spell check facility is to me a life saver, at no cost I can quickly and efficiently have my work professionally checked. The free online spell check will find words that are not covered by my word processor’s dictionary and also simple words that I have incorrectly spelt and used out of context or in the wrong order. This means that I can have a professional technical document free of spelling mistakes very easily and even better at no cost.

The real boon for me however is the grammar checking side of the free online spell check, it not only shows me where I have used incorrect grammar but tells me how to correct it, something that the facility on my word processor cannot do. Because of this I now find myself making fewer grammatical errors in my work as I am far more aware of the ones that I make on a regular basis so I can correct myself. So I fully recommend the use of spellingcheck.info