How Does The Spell Check in Word Work

If you are using MS word, it has spell checker but if it’s not activated; you can’t never use it. If you are asking how to use spell check tool in word, here is the process. If you know about it, you don’t need to use any other tools to know about your mistakes.

Spelling Check in Word

Checking spelling in word is a good decision and because some people depend on using tools to check for their mistakes, MS word is a good tool. If you are having a hard time in checking for your mistakes, here is what you need to do.

Press F7 key on your keyboard to check for the spell check feature. There will be a dialog box that will open and you just check for things you want to do. On the other hand, spell checkers are good feature but it is important that you always proofread your work before you submit or send it.

How To Activate Spell Check In Word

  • Click “Tools.” Proceed to the options menu item
  • Click on the grammar and spelling tab
  • Click on check spelling while you are typing in the checkbox
  • Click on the “check grammar” found in the checkbox
  • Do not check the “hide spelling errors”
  • Do not check the “hide grammatical errors” in the box
  • Click OK

Note: You need to make sure that spell checking is not turned off in any section of your document. Here is what you need to do.

  • Press “CTRL/A” in selecting entire document
  • Go to tools> language and select set language menu item
  • Do not check spelling or grammar
  • Click the default button in order to make change permanent
  • Click yes in the box
  • Click OK

If you follow this step, you will activate the spell checking in your word. Ensure you follow it correctly. The time you will type or make any kind of document in Word, the tool will check for your spelling or grammar mistakes. Try the steps and ready to check your own mistakes today!