Free Spelling And Grammar Check Service

With a free spelling and grammar check online there really is no excuse for anyone to make mistakes with their written work and yet many still do. While many producing their thesis know that they have to produce work to an impeccable standard with spelling and grammar that conforms to the tightest of standards they often fail to consider this when starting their working career. It is as if spelling and grammar cease to be important any longer.

I have had resumes from recent graduates that would have been obviously rejected if they had put them within their dissertation due to poor spelling and grammar. You can guess which pile these resumes end up in, after all most of the graduate resumes have very similar qualifications so those that produce a poor quality resume just make my life so much easier for the selection process.

The same is true for all other documents that are viewed, poorly written work allows the reader to form a very low opinion of you as a writer and of your company, how do you react to poorly written instructions when you are trying to operate a new gadget?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation check using your word processor

The word processor performs a free spelling and grammar check for you, but if you are reading this then you will know that the service has its limitations and may not always protect you from your mistakes. My spelling is not too bad as such, my spelling generally originates from my typing not an inability to spell the words. Like most people I have not been trained to use a keyboard but type away as fast as I can with my four or five finger self developed technique through which I tend to hit a number of extra keys and miss others. This results in a number of spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation that the word processor highlights for me; but it also results in many other issues it just does not see.

If I spell one word as another word for instance (them and then) or use the wrong tense and other problems the computer will not catch them. Not being able to afford a proof reader and having a wife for whom English is a second language I have to rely on my own proof reading abilities to find the issues. So I took to finding a spelling and grammar check free online.

Free spelling and grammar check online

The online spelling and grammar check from spellingcheck.info is a market leader in providing  you a free spelling and grammar check. You can save a huge amount of your time that you would have spent proof reading by just using this simple service. It is going to find every spelling mistake, no matter what field of writing you may practice; business, academic, technical or any other.

The grammar check is adaptable for your chosen style of writing and offers easy to understand explanations of your problems and clear suggestions; you have nothing to lose. Use it today.