Free Online Spell Check Service

Do you know the real value of a free online spelling check? Well if you are reading this you have probably realized that the spelling and grammar checker on your version of word or open office does not reliably manage to catch all of the errors in your work. No matter how skilled we are with the English language or how good a typist we may think we are; we always make some errors in our written work. Not all of the errors however are caught by our built in spelling and grammar package so many get to escape and give a poor impression of our ability as a writer to the reader.

The importance of spelling and grammar in our work.

Some may think that a few mistakes don’t matter; but if you were an employer reviewing resumes or a purchasing executive looking at tenders for new business would you choose the document with a few spelling and grammar mistakes over the perfectly written one with similar content? No you would not; the reason being that failing to make the work perfect says that the person writing has not paid attention to details and has not considered it important enough to finish the work correctly. So before you decide that” close enough is good enough” you should just stop and think for a moment about what you need to do to improve your work.

My master’s degree dissertation was rejected for grammatical errors and I then spent weeks working on it to improve the grammar within the whole document before I finally had my work accepted and was able to accept my degree.

Now I work with a free online spell check program that is far more effective than what I was using before.

Using a free online spelling check

spellingcheck.info provide a free online spell check and grammar check that will catch the problems that you r word processor has missed, (I left a space between the you and r and nothing is underlined – just to prove a point!)

This free online spell check will not only find the problems it will give you clear reasons as to why something is incorrect and then give you suggestions to improve your writing no matter what field of writing you are working in.

So if you want to use an online spell check free of charge just paste your work above and press check; it is as simple as that. You will quickly see if your word processor has missed anything. This free online spell check really is the best that you could use so don’t hold back as you have nothing to lose.