Check Spelling as you Type

Our service lets you check spelling as you type

If you have turned in documents that ended up having spelling errors, we don’t need to tell you that this can have downsides. It can reflect poorly on you in the professional world, even if you simply didn’t have time to go back and check for yourself. When you have a lot to write and not enough time to proofread, it is extremely expensive to pay a person to do it for you. That is simply inefficient, and it is why we introduced our automatic grammar checker. Our revolutionary service gives you a way to check spelling as you type, and this way you don’t need to rely on word processors to catch errors.

Spell check as you type with us

We make it easy for you to use a spell checker because we give you the option to download it! That’s right, you can have access to our amazing grammar and spell checker without even having to go online. Simply download the checker and install if on your computer, and that way it can check spelling as you type. There has never been a better way to make sure that you get the most accurate documents, and that is why customers trust us when they need accuracy. You can get poor grades or negative remarks from your boss if you don’t spell check, and that is why our checker is such a great option.

Check my spell

When you need to check my spell, our service gives you options, accuracy, and low prices that you can depend on. We give you the ability to either go online or check spelling as you type, and with that selection it is not surprising that so many customers turn to us. We understand the importance of turning in perfect documents, and we don’t offer just an ordinary spell checker. We have an advanced program that is able to pick up on the multiple meanings of words, and that is how we give you grammar advice that goes above and beyond. No other automatic grammar checker compares to what we offer, and when you factor in the lightning quick speed in which we deliver the final product, it isn’t hard to figure out where to go when you need to check spelling as you type.